Nurses Recruitment : Manager - Infection Prevention and Control

Sidra Medical and Research Center which located in Qatar currently doing open recruitment for many job vacancies in healthcare profession including nursing department. They are looking for a nurse with good talent, professional work, and have ability to manage situation in nursing staff in order to perform high quality services for the patient during admitted, outpatient, and visitor to the hospital especially related to the primary and secondary infection. Of course including protecting them self as nurses or medical team from infection cases by contaminating during working shift.

The nurses recruitment focus for job position as Manager in infection prevention and control unit. Sidra Medical and Research Center encompass three essential missions ; World-Class Patient Care, Medical Education, and Biomedical Research. Sidra recognizes that strict adherence to best Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) practices and standards, based on sound scientific principles, is essential to reduce avoidable health care associated infections (HCAI) to both patients and staff.

The Sidra Infection Prevention and Control Team (IPCT) is devoted to ensuring that infection prevention and control is embedded across the organization. Basic standard in this unit set by Qatar Ministry of Public Health, Joint Commission International (JCI) the Accreditation Canada assessments. Because of that, those nurses who want to register recruitment process should be understand principle of work in infection control unit.

Educational qualification for this job position is Master’s Degree in Nursing or Healthcare related field.

Requirement for nurse who wan to submit CV's must be have 10+ years Infection Control Practitioner experience in an equivalent institution. Middle East - Executive Management Experience highly desirable. By submitting your CV or job application, you acknowledge that any personal or other information you supply to them may be used by Sidra to assess, evaluate and check your candidacy.

Only nurses who meet the qualification requirements will be contacted to follow this manager nurse recruitment. The recruitment process will be done after closing job vacancy 17-Oct-2016. Did you think you are qualified for this job position? if yes, then open this link : Apply Now.