Nurses Recuitment for Ministry of Defence Kuwait

Kuwait Government Online announced opening nurses job vacancy for the Citizens and Residents who want to work as Nursing staff in the Ministry of Defence Kuwait. The nurses recruitment process has already started a few days ago and will take up to two weeks (03 Oct 2013).

Eligibility or Criteria :
  • The applicant must pass the medical check-up
  • The Ministry of Defence must have the need to appoint civil employees
  • The applicant must have be security fit
  • The applicant must be nominated by the Civil Service Commission

Nurse Recruitment for Universal Hospital Abu Dhabi - Emirates

Universal hospital is one of private healthcare provider in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The hospital is growing and becoming a success in the UAE and neighbouring Gulf regions under the management of Dr. Shabeer Nellioke and his younger brother. Right now they have around 17 of dedicated clinical departments with professional doctors and nurses. In order to increase high qualified services for the patient, The Universal Hospital recently held recruitment for the professional nurses male and female.

The Human Resource Departement (HRD) of Universal Hospital reveal that they are in need of nurses who has talented, dedicated and skilled to join this recruitment. So, they can work excellent in friendly work environment, professionalism to meet goals of continuous medical progress. Universal Hospital covers a wide range of medical and surgical specialties in the UAE health market.

Staff Nurse Recruitment for Saudi Aramco Hospital

Saudi Aramco is one of biggest services in the medical sector, The largest employers of medical staff in the Middle East. They have nursing staff from all over the world. Many of nursing interest to work as professionals working in SAMSO (Saudi Aramco Medical Service Organization). Every year Saudi Aramco Hospital doing recruitment for professional staff nurse who has knowledge and skills to express human caring and to help patients meet their health needs.

Working in Saudi Aramco Hospital is better for the staff nurse, they have chances of opportunity to develop their skills in some of the most advanced medical facilities in the world. Doctors, dentists, nurses, medical technologists and medical secretaries are part of a 4,000-strong multinational team of medical professionals working in this company. Recently they hold recruitment for staff nurse in some position such as ;