Nurses Recuitment for Ministry of Defence Kuwait

Kuwait Government Online announced opening nurses job vacancy for the Citizens and Residents who want to work as Nursing staff in the Ministry of Defence Kuwait. The nurses recruitment process has already started a few days ago and will take up to two weeks (03 Oct 2013).

Eligibility or Criteria :
  • The applicant must pass the medical check-up
  • The Ministry of Defence must have the need to appoint civil employees
  • The applicant must have be security fit
  • The applicant must be nominated by the Civil Service Commission

Required Documents
  • Copy of the applicant's nationality certificate
  • Copy of the civil ID
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Five (5) personal photos (4 × 6)
  • Certificate of Experience, if available
  • Approval of the Civil Service Commission on the job title and position

If you interest to work in Ministry of Defence Kuwait, Visit the Administration and Manpower Authority of the Ministry of Defence and submit the required documents. Fill the service application forms for nurses which provided by them. When you pass from recruitment section, you will work as Ministry Staff.