Recruitment Nurse/Emergency Technician in Kuwait (YIACO)

YIACO Medical Company as a sole marketing agent for many multinational research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers recently held recruitment for nurses or emergency technician. The candidate must be Bachelor Degree in Nursing with minimum 4 years experience in an emergency department, ICU, ICCU or equivalent.

YIACO provided many instruments and medical equipments, they committed to the modern healthcare system in Kuwait and abroad. They looking for professional nurses with good communication skill in English and spoken Arabic.

The goals of recruitment is obtaining a staff nurse who are interest to learn and implementation of policies/procedures, standards and regulations as appropriate in order to use their medical machine. Also responsible to demonstrate administrative, educative, communicative and evaluative functions. Working as medical team to provide nursing care for all employee or members of YIACO company.

In this recruitment they need male nurse only, They are seeking 15 staff nurse to fill the vacancies on Emergency Medical Technology Department. Details job description are :
  • Responsible to perform his duties within the guidelines of emergency department
  • Conduct chest recovery process, first aid to injuries and patients
  • Accurate and full knowledge of how to use tools and equipments for care of patient or injured as per granted powers
  • Participate in emergency cases, big accidents upon need and as per big accident plant approved at Medical Emergency Dept. and as per what the Dept. sees immediate as suitable
  • Give oxygen, nitrogen oxide gas for patients or injured as need
  • Conduct suction process from mouth, nose or through trachea
  • Stop bleeding, cover wounds by available bands and strips
  • Give solutions and medications as per granted powers to him or as per doctor instructions
  • Drive ambulance in a way give safety and comfort of patients during conveying to hospital as per and in accordance with followed instructions and rules at Medical Emergency Department
  • Ability to recognize abnormal cardiograph
  • Use electrical shots instrument
  • Fix trachea tube
  • Use different types of conveyers as per type of case and as followed at Medical Emergency Department
  • Use splints to fix fractures as per type of injury and its place
  • Recognize clear cases of death
  • Use medical information wireless devices and other means of communications
  • Convey injured or patients with sound way
  • Performs other related duties as requested

Required Certification/Experience:
  • Registration and current RN license in state/country where employed.
  • Current CPR/BLS certification is an advantage.

The nurses who pass from recruitment's step will start working full time shiff, salary and benafits for them will be variatif due to years of experience and specialist skill. If you interest to join the nurses recruitment above, open these website address to submit your CV : or by using your internet browser and following the steps.